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Quite frankly I don't even know if that is a word but if it is, I do apologize for using it as a slang term.  I'm not a journalist I am a realtor.


The fact is that 99.9% of the beaches in Florida DO NOT have any oil on them nor will they in the near or even distant future.

Please believe that statement.  I will give you the truth unlike those wonderful people on the evening news.  Lets face facts, now that Lindsay Lohan has gone to court, the next best piece of real journalism is the fact that all the beaches of the world are covered in Gulf oil - NOT!!!!


A very tiny section of Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and an infinitely small section of the Florida Panhandle has some and I repeat, SOME oil.  The municipalities of those affected areas are using devices to stop the oil from progressing towards their shores.  For the moment some fishing has been halted BUT the beaches are clear, gorgeous and just waiting for you to enjoy the hospitality of the communities that enjoy Gulf life.


To stay away from these areas at this time is a crime.  Prices are at their lowest, merchants will accommodate even the fussiest of guests and I guarantee you a terrific time.

I heard on the national news this morning that "Oil was spotted on the EAST COAST OF FLORIDA".  Hogwash!!!!!  As it turns out, the story was false but who actually heard that part?

I am begging you to plan a terrific vacation to the Gulf coast.


I walked 5 miles on the beach in Naples this morning and it was pristine and gorgeous as ever.  The birds were having their shore breakfast, the joggers were up and down the beach, the tourists were picking up shells and the kids were making sand castles.

It's bad enough that we as a country have to deal with a massive accidental oil spill but now to report that there is oil everywhere is pathetic.


Let me repeat again, there is no oil on 99.9% of the beaches in Florida.  None floating, none clumping, none sticking to sand, no oil smell, nothing, nada, not here and not happening at all.

When the news anchors try to tell you there is oil on the beaches, here for more information.

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